Dialect NFT Stickers are here: The Genesis Mint

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4 min readMar 20, 2023

In mid-December 2022, we launched the Dialect app and unveiled a new category of NFTs: NFT Chat Stickers. Since our launch, we’ve seen explosive growth of our user base and our community has claimed tens of thousands of sticker packs and will mint over 1 Million NFT Chat stickers over the next several weeks.

We’re excited to kick this off on Monday, March 20th, with a first-of-its-kind NFT minting experience inside Dialect that will be unlike anything in web3: the Genesis Mint (GM).

GM Pack: includes the first GM Sticker from @marculinopng. this is a living collection and everyone that mints will recieve additional GMs variations from new artists and other surprises over time

Every Dialect user with early access across every platform (iOS, Android, and Saga) that holds a Genesis Mint (GM) Pack will be eligible to mint.

These users will be getting a brand new, never seen before web3 experience:

  • the first mint of NFT Chat Stickers
  • the first *social* minting experience *inside* group chats,
  • entirely powered by the new compression tech built by Solana and Metaplex

Thank you to our early users for helping us make history and for collecting the magnificent art the artists and NFT communities across Solana have created.

Mint Logistics

This mint will be a little different, so let’s run through how it will work so you’re ready!

NOTE: Minting will happen EXCLUSIVELY in Dialect. Do not follow links to other sites. The mint is NOT oversubscribed. We will mint in phases, so relax, and you’ll be able to take your time and enjoy being a part of the mint when your group chat gets enabled.

We will mint in phases: the compression tech we’re using for these NFTs is brand new, so we’re going allow users to mint in phases to ensure a smooth experience for everyone

Group Chats *are* your allowlists: In Dialect, a group chat is your allowlist. We’ll turn on minting group chat by group chat.

The biggest, loudest group chats will go first: We’ll turn on minting group chat by group chat. Add a Dialect core team member (selina, harrison, mark, or chris) to your group chat and make some NOISE

  1. The mint will start at 1PM EST on Monday, March 20th, with the Genesis Mint Group Chat
  2. We will go group chat by group chat form there
  3. Dialect core team members will alert your group chat when it’s time to mint and give specific instructions
  4. When minting is enabled, click on the GM Pack the “mint now” button
  5. After minting your GM Sticker, you’ll be able to immediately use it in chat
  6. Transferring and/or Trading your NFT Stickers is not yet enabled — this is in development for compressed NFTs and will come online soon

The Genesis Mint (GM) Pack

The Genesis Mint (GM) Pack is a living collection for early Dialect users. Everyone that holds a GM Pack will automatically get additional GM Stickers and other surprises over time.

The first GM comes from Marculino. Marculino is a Brazilian artist known for his playful, masterful pixel art. You probably recognize his Koko Monkes, Clean Punks, and brilliant Reinterpretations series.

Noun Lisa from Marculino

Compressed NFTs

We’re excited to be partnering with Triton One and Helius Labs, two leading RPC providers on Solana, to bring the brand new NFT Compression technology to life.

Compressed NFTs are at the bleeding edge of blockchain tech, so there are still limitations that will be resolved in the coming weeks. Dialect is offering the first experience at scale with Compressed NFTs, but for now that’s limited to minting and using them in chat. You can’t transfer them yet so trading experiences are still to come and full support from broader ecosystem of existing explorers, wallets, and marketplaces (e.g., Phantom, Magic Eden, etc.) will come online soon.

Compressed NFTs are a magical bit of open source tech developed by Solana Labs and Metaplex. They’re NFTs like any other, but they use Merkle Trees to dramatically reduce the infrastructure costs to mint and store them on the blockchain. By encoding NFTs in a Merkle Tree, and maintaining the full decoded information off chain in indexers like Helius Labs and Triton One, trustlessness can be preserved while reducing minting and storage costs by up to 20,000x.

What this means in hard numbers: one million NFTs can be minted for ~$100, and a billion for ~$10,000.

Solana’s unique blockchain design made crypto usable, with insanely small transaction costs and blazingly fast settlement times. Compression now takes it one step further, and makes this tech subsidizable at scale.

What’s Next

There are over 50 different sticker packs from artists and NFT communities from across Solana waiting to be minted and dozens more packs in the works.

We’ll announce more about the minting schedule this week and provide more details about the mechanics of sticker pack mints and how to earn more stickers packs.

Give us a shout on Twitter and let us know which pack you’d like to mint first!



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