Dialect + Phantom Shortcuts: Pushing Toward Consumer-Ready UX in Crypto

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4 min readSep 22, 2023

At Dialect, we believe that for web3 to achieve any sort of mainstream adoption, web3 UX needs as much attention and focus from builders and the community as infrastructure and economics has received to date.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with Phantom on their newest feature, Shortcuts. Let’s take a deeper dive into why we think Shortcuts is a big deal, and why we’re committed to pushing web3 UX forward alongside projects like Phantom.


At Dialect, we’re obsessed with building consumer-ready web3 experiences that leapfrog what’s possible in web2. Shortcuts from Phantom are one example of this, bringing rich, interactive experiences to Dialect stickers and other NFTs with a few clicks.

Shortcuts reimagine navigation and discovery in web3, making every asset a jumping off point to explore and take action. For Dialect stickers, this means you can find out more about the creators behind your favorite stickers, complete your collections, or hop into a chat with other fans or holders.

Since the first Bitcoin was mined 15 years ago, we’ve made drastic leaps forward in crypto infrastructure and it’s long past time for web3 UX to match that progress.

Sure, 15 years isn’t that long. 15 years after the first email was sent (1971), TCP/IP was only just being adopted as the protocol standard for ARPANET (the predecessor to the Internet), we had just registered the first .com domain, and we were still many years away from the advent of the social media platforms we use today. But, the industry is past the point where we can default to “nascent-ness” as an excuse for the crypto industry’s poor user experience.

As Web3 continues to mature, so must its tools, and we should learn from and adopt whatever we can from web2. This is precisely where innovations like Phantom’s new ‘Shortcuts’ feature come into play. We think Shortcuts resemble the development of backlinks in Web2 and could have a similar impact in making it easier to discover and navigate to new, relevant content.

Internet usage history versus crypto users; Sources: International Telecommunication Union, Our World in Data, Crypto.com, Statista, Bloomberg and Wells Fargo Investment Institute via Blockworks
Internet usage history versus crypto users; Sources: International Telecommunication Union, Our World in Data, Crypto.com, Statista, Bloomberg and Wells Fargo Investment Institute via Blockworks
a16z’s 2023 State of Crypto Report (slide 58)
a16z’s 2023 State of Crypto Report (slide 58)

Web2 vs. Web3 Navigation

In the Web3 environment, the process of joining and exploring an NFT community via a wallet typically resembles something close to the navigation flow outlined below.

🔄 Unlock your wallet → Locate the specific NFT → Find yourself stymied and redirected to another platform, or needing to switch between networks… you may not even find your solution in your wallet

Now, compare this with the relatively straightforward procedure of joining a Web2 community, like following a Fantasy Football Podcast.

🔄 Open podcast platform (e.g., Spotify, Apple Podcasts) → Search “Fantasy Football” → Click on desired podcast → Start listening to episodes immediately → Hit one of the various social icons (e.g. X (Twitter), Instagram, Youtube, etc.) → Engage with the creators and community in your platform of choice.

It’s not hard to see how, at the moment, the Web3 navigation experience leaves much room for improvement. Consider factors like the number of clicks required or the potential bounce rate due to complexity.

Understanding Phantom’s ‘Shortcuts’ Feature

Phantom Wallet has reimagined navigation in the crypto space.

For the technically savvy: ‘Shortcuts’ is a specification for how a client should request resources be fetched, and how a server should respond to those requests. Wallet Shortcuts can be easily extended with composition to fully take advantage of a client feature set or providing new functionality.

For everyone else: Think of ‘Shortcuts’ as a tool designed to make your Web3 navigation smoother, more intuitive, and more engaging. It’s not just about moving from point A to B; it’s about deeper connections and participation within decentralized communities.

With ‘Shortcuts,’ you can seamlessly connect to multiple social platforms and complete a wide range of actions directly within the wallet.

Learn more about ‘Shortcuts’.

Case Study: Dialect Sticker Packs

With Phantom’s ‘Shortcuts’ feature, Dialect has taken another leap forward in redefining user interactions with NFT stickers.

When you secure a sticker on Dialect, it isn’t just another item in your digital collection. It’s a direct gateway to a richer, interconnected ecosystem. Using Phantom’s ‘Shortcuts’, users can tap into related content with just a click. Want to explore the artist’s other stickers and digital art, or dive into community discussions around a specific sticker series? It’s all made simple with this integration.

In collaboration with Phantom, we’re ensuring that every sticker not just represents art, but becomes an intuitive entry point to a world of content and community.


If the crypto industry wants to scale it must prioritize user experience to match, or improve upon the convenience and intuitiveness of Web2.

Phantom’s ‘Shortcuts’ feature, in collaboration with platforms like Dialect, is paving the way by simplifying Web3 navigation and enhancing user engagement.

Download the Phantom Wallet and Dialect App today.



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