Dialect’s Collectible Chat Stickers Come to Web

Dialect Labs
3 min readSep 6, 2023

Over 150,000 users have minted over 2 million collectible chat stickers on Dialect, web3’s most widely used messaging app. Stickers and collecting have now come to web in a brand new collectible feed that’s shareable, accessible, & unconstrained by restrictive app store policies.

Today, we’re excited to announce that a major new upgrade to collecting on Dialect just launched: web. This new web experience makes Dialect more shareable and accessible than ever, and unconstrained by restrictive app store policies.

Visit https://app.dialect.to to check out our new collectible feed and discover and collect from your favorite creators with just a few clicks. Every new launch is available in this feed, and every other collectible pack & sticker is collectible directly from this feed, too

The future of web3 is mobile, and since our launch 9 months ago Dialect has trailblazed with some of web3’s most innovative mobile, consumer experiences. Since then, you have sent over 2 million messages and fallen in love with and minted over 2 million collectible chat stickers from over a hundred incredible artists. This collectibles launchpad — along with a first-of-its-kind collecting experience integrated directly into chat — has made NFTs and web3 fun again. But at every turn, the major app stores have put restrictions on us, and now Dialect’s best features are hard to find and use.

Enter web. Web lets us ship Dialect’s best features faster, and make them more accessible and shareable. With Dialect on web, it will be easier than ever to collect your favorite packs & stickers

Web makes Dialect’s Collector’s Experience more accessible. Every free & paid pack launch now appears at the top of the collectible feed so you never miss another drop. Every collectible pack is then immediately available to collect after the launch, on secondary, directly from this feed, so you can always get the collectibles you love. Accessible ALSO means convenient. Every sticker from every collection is visible right from this feed, with rarity, market price & supply all upfront. Everything you care about is now at your fingertips with fewer clicks, so you can find & collect what you love.

Web also makes Dialect more shareable. Every launch, every collection, every collectible & every creator now has a URL you can copy with a click, so you can share Dialect with your friends, whether they have Dialect yet or not.

All of this works seamlessly with Dialect mobile. Collect stickers and open packs on web, and then carry them to mobile and use them in Dialect’s chat. Every shareable URL deep links to Dialect when shared on mobile.

Our vision at Dialect is to elevate human expression on the internet. We’re only just getting started, but we’re already running into roadblocks with app stores on mobile. With the launch of Dialect Web, we can deliver those experiences today, and give our users a way to share them with others.

Learn more about Dialect at https://dialect.to, & get started collecting at https://app.dialect.to.



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