Drift adopts the Dialect Alerts Stack

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2 min readApr 8, 2024

We are excited to announce our partnership with Drift, Solana’s leading perpetual futures exchange. Today, Drift is launching with Announcement Alerts which will give their customers insight into New Features, New Markets, Beta Releases, and [REDACTED] 🤫

Built on top of the Dialect Alerts Stack, this allows Drift to communicate these messages directly to their customers via their app, email or Telegram. With Drift being one of our inaugural Design Partners, our goal is to work alongside them to redefine the perpetual futures market on chain, making every trader better informed.

A look into the future 🔮

We are just scratching the surface of what’s possible with Trading on Drift. Within the coming weeks, we will be working alongside Drift to introduce more types of alerts:

  • Trigger Order Fills: Never wonder again whether your SL or TP was hit, get notified when an order is triggered and its fill status.
  • Low Health & Liquidation Warnings: Get a heads up beforehand and immediately take action to keep your account in good health.
  • Price & APR Alerts: No more staring at charts, get price alerts directly to your favorite medium and never miss an opportunity in the market again
  • In-App Audio Alerts: Just having the Drift tab open, you will be able to get audio pings when new notifications come through.

You can view Drift’s roadmap on whats to come next: [Link to Drift’s Blog Post]

Together with Drift, we are excited to be building out a new, web3-native engagement stack for the next internet, one that is more actionable and more social.

The Web3 Engagement Stack 🤝

We are not just stopping at alerts. We are creating a Web3 engagement stack that changes traditional interaction models by making them more actionable and inherently social. We are leveraging Web3’s unique capabilities to integrate actionable options directly within alerts.

We’re proud to be supporting the Drift team in creating the most engaging experience for their customers, and partnering with them to design a crypto-native engagement stack that brings high-value information directly to their customers.

Get started today by visiting https://drift.trade, enabling notifications, and checking them out in Dialect Operator on Telegram, at https://t.me/dialectbot.

Together, we’re setting new standards for user engagement in the digital asset space.



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