Introducing the Alerts Best Practices Series

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2 min readApr 29, 2024

Crypto is the world’s most time-sensitive consumer industry. And yet today, so few projects offer alerts and notifications, and the consequences are crazy. Life-changing wealth is created — and fumbled — in minutes or hours, complex financial instruments shift from yield-generating to loss-inducing as prices move in the broader markets, and truly instant, global payments end up sitting in limbo because the receiving party didn’t even know they’d received it.

This dearth of alerts is not going to last forever, though. More projects than ever are building out experiences using Dialect’s Alerts Stack, with Tensor, Drift, Meteora, and Realms launching or upgrading their offerings, and dozens more teams with alerts now in development.

So now we face a new challenge: how do we keep the quality of all of these alerts high? Unless we are thoughtful in how we build out this new engagement layer in web3, we are going to repeat the mistakes of web2, and end up in the same heat death of spammy, un-useful notifications clogging our inboxes and crowding out the useful ones.

Our mission at Dialect is to maximize engagement in web3, and while that mission means best in class developer tools, it also means best in class practices.

So today we are introducing the Alerts Best Practices Series. Over the coming weeks, we will share what we have learned working with our favorite teams as they’ve created high quality, sustainable alerts for their users. These best practices range from top-of-funnel tactics like how you nudge your users to opt in to alerts in the first place, how you give them easy personalization so they only receive what they care about, and even to net new, non-skeuomorphic experiences that are only possible in web3.

Best practices also inform the product and technology. The easier it is to build something, the easier it is to build it right. By working closely with our customers, we learn what challenges you face in delivering high quality alerts to your users. And many times, those insights turn into improvements to our developer tools, which in turn make it easier for you to build the experiences you and your users want.

Later this week we will be sharing Part 1 in the Alerts Best Practices Series: top-of-funnel activation, and how our tools give you some of these best practices right out of the box.

In the meantime, if you’re a web3 team interested in better engaging your users, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at, on Twitter, or on Telegram.



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