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5 min readMar 21, 2024

Today, we are launching a major new upgrade to our product offering: Introducing the Alerts Stack, the fastest way for developers to engage their customers with notifications.

We are also delighted to announce our first 5 partner integrations using this new stack: Tensor, Drift, Meteora, Kamino & Squads. These are 5 of Solana’s most stacked teams, and we couldn’t be more proud to support them.

In the coming days we will be working alongside these teams to launch best in class alerts for their customers, and they’ll be joining us as design partners as we build a new kind of web3-native engagement stack.

Interested in trying out the Alerts Stack? Get started at, or reach out to via DMs on twitter at

Web3 Needs an Alerts Stack

Since we launched Dialect Operator in January, we’ve had a flood of inbound from Solana’s leading projects, and their users. The feedback was clear: alerts in web3 are broken.

Web3 is the most volatile industry, and yet today, users are refreshing prices and obsessively watching markets to not fumble their bags. And developers are looking for new and better ways notify their customers, and give them the means to take action quickly.

The Dialect Alerts Stack is our solution. With the Alerts Stack, developers can get up and running in an afternoon sending timely, relevant notifications directly to their customers over multiple channels: directly in app, over email, and to Dialect Operator on Telegram.

Devs. It’s time to do something about alerts. Get started today at, or reach out to us in our DMs on Twitter and we’ll get you set up.

Dialect is Solana’s Most Trusted Alerts Stack

Two years ago, we launched our first notifications SDK, and over the course of 2022, dozens of Solana’s most loved teams used this SDK to engage their customers.

A lot has happened since then. Tensor, Solana’s leading NFT Marketplace, integrated our notifications SDK almost a year ago. At the deepest point in the bear market, the Tensor team understood that these engagement tools are a hidden superpower.

Brick by brick, they added notifications for nearly every aspect of their user experience, from new offers, listing alerts, floor price action, bid events, to market maker orders. Their most ambitious new product, Price Lock, already has 4 different notification types. Over the last year, they’ve told us that notifications were one of the most important baseline features they’ve added to Tensor, and one their users still rave about.

This is the kind of attention to detail that’s characteristic of category leaders. Acing engagement takes care and work, but it pays off. Almost a year in, Tensor now has 20 notification types, and alerts engagement is at an all time high.

Anatomy of the Alerts Stack

Today, Solana has more high caliber teams, more volatility, and more need for targeted engagement than ever. Our goal with the Alerts Stack is to support these teams on this critical missing piece of infrastructure, and reduce their time to an absolute minimum to launch thoughtful, targeted, and relevant engagement.

The Dialect Alerts Stack has three components:

  • A suite of front end components for embedding the UX in your dapp. In one react component, you get full user lifecycle management for multi-channel registration, authentication and delivery, notification type management, and a beautiful new in-app feed with rich metadata for icons, titles, and CTAs.
  • An SDK for dispatching programmatic alerts with just a few lines of backend code. Send alerts for NFT offers, liquidation warnings or events, filled orders, or anything you can dream up or your users can beg for. No need to think about who has registered for these notification types, and over what channels. Our infrastructure handles all of it.
  • A dashboard for writing and sending announcements, such as company or product updates. These deliver along the same channels as the programmatic alerts.

By using these out of the box libraries, you can reduce time to implementation for best in class notifications by over 80%.

The Tensor team was able to implement so many notification types because our Alerts Stack minimizes the common-denominator boiler plate, letting them focus on their specific business logic every time they want to send a new kind of alert.

What’s coming

Since day one, our mission at Dialect has been to bring the internet into messaging. We pioneered this experience last year in our messaging app, creating a new kind of commerce embedded directly in chat, where users could transact with each other right in the conversation.

But our mission runs deeper: we believe web3 can power a new actions layer across the internet, and let dapps and users share actions anywhere, with anyone.

The Alerts Stack is just the beginning. In the coming months, we will be working with our design partners to create uniquely-web3 experiences not possible elsewhere. Experiences that are more actionable, and more social.

Get Started Today

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We’re still accepting design partners. Let’s build the next internet’s engagement stack together. Reach out to us at, or DM us on Twitter at



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