Introducing Token View 💰

Dialect Labs
2 min readFeb 16, 2024

We are delighted to announce a major new addition to Dialect Operator for Telegram: Token View, a new way to manage your tokens and trade smarter, with friends.

Token View brings real-time information for the tokens you hold right into your chats: live market information, as well as a view into your current position and trades, so you can make more informed decisions and share with friends directly in Telegram.

From Token View you can see your real-time position in USD, a 24h price chart with markers for your trade history, live market information like token price and market cap, as well as links to trusted resources like Birdeye.

Token View is accessible from Operator’s wallet view — simply tap the token in your wallet to open Token View — or directly from DMs and groups with the /info command or other natural language. Just ask Dialect for information on a token, and you can now open Token View from the response.

This is just the beginning. Soon, Operator will have more timely and engaging ways for you to make trading decisions with friends:

  • Timely alerts on your positions Receive real-time notifications on how your trades are doing, so you can take profits or stop losses.
  • Richer PnL — Gain a deeper understanding of how your position, so you can invest better and take profits over more trades and longer time periods.
  • Sharing and groups — Bring your trades and your PnL into group chats with your friends, compete in groups on your Ws & Ls.

Try out the new Token View today by messaging @dialectbot on Telegram, reachable at, or join our Discord community.



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