Meteora Integrates the Dialect Alerts Stack

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4 min readMay 8, 2024

We are excited to announce that Meteora, one of Solana’s leading DeFi protcols and the creators of the innovative Dynamic Liquidity Market Maker, has integrated Dialect’s Alerts Stack to engage their users about critical events. In addition to this integration, Meteora has joined us as a design partner as we build out a new kind of web3-native engagement layer.

Today, Meteora has launched their integration with the most-asked-for alert from their community: Meteora LPs can now receive alerts whenever their DLMM positions go out of range.

Check it out by visiting, connecting your wallet, and clicking the 🔔.

Meteora offers its users alerts via Telegram, Email, and directly in their site in the Dialect notification bell, all of which are available out of the box with the Alerts Stack.

Getting set up with Dialect’s Alerts Stack was super simple. It’s a 15 minute integration from start to first test alert sent. And their monitoring SDK makes tracking and alerting for complex data like DLMM positions much easier.
- Nitin, Meteora Team

If you’re a developer looking to better engage your users, reach out to us, or check out our quick start guide. You can send your first test alert in under 10 minutes.

Dialect’s Monitoring SDK — Easy Alerts for Complex DeFi

The Dynamic Liquidity Market Maker (DLMM) is one of the most innovative new primitives in all of DeFi. Launched by Meteora in December ’23, the DLMM gives Liquidity Providers unprecedented precision when allocating capital to token markets.

This is accomplished using discrete price bins between the two tokens in a given market, and letting users deploy fine-tuned strategies that choose which bins to allocate capital into, and with what relative amounts, including spot, curve, and bid ask strategies.

When the current price of a token pair moves outside beyond the bins an LP has allocated into, the position is out of range.

While simple in principle, monitoring these positions as the markets move, tracking all user positions, and sending alerts in a timely, relevant fashion, and without repeats or spam when positions go out of range is a complex undertaking.

As part of our Alerts Stack, we developed the Monitor SDK and Monitoring Service, a suite of open source, out of the box tools for monitoring data and detecting events to then alert users about. Using our Monitor toolkit, the Meteora team was able to get this complex alerting use case up and running in a tenth the time it might have taken it it were being built from scratch.

More teams are building with our monitor SDK and services every week. If your users have been asking for a no-brainer alerts use case, but you haven’t yet found the time to spin up complex infrastructure to watch your on chain data and track and detect events, get in touch with us We’ll help get you set up and show you how our Monitor SDK can 10x reduce your time to production.

A New Design Partner, & What’s Next

Meteora is one of our favorite teams on Solana, and this Alerts integration is just the beginning. We’re delighted to welcome them as one of our design partners as we build out a new, web3-native engagement layer.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be working closely with them to launch new kinds of alerts for Meteora LPs and users, and developing deeper, non-skeumorphic experiences that are truly only possible in web3.

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